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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Starbucks Case Study Analysis

Weaknesses " Slowed growth in American " Starbucks is in its infancy in their international growth. " Is the "US Starbucks Experience" relent and compelling in other countries? " Starbucks is starting to have problems in Japan o Lost $3.9 million o In store sales down 17% o Shares of Starbucks down from $495 in 2001 to about $96 in 2003 " UK stores still unprofitable after 5 years in the market (store base of 300 units) " Rapid expansion domestically as they launch dozens of new country markets. " Starbucks bought out its partner in Switzerland and Austria " Lowered stock rating by analysts " High overhead due to rapid expansion " Clustering of new stores near existing stores in the domestic market.

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