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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Starbucks Case Study Analysis

As in real-estate the key to a growing international business is Location, location, location. Starbucks must work with their successful international partners to expand to new key countries, identify growing economical regions and new profitable store locations with in a city. Starbucks needs to identify local cuisine and music that they can market in their stores in order to bring in the local customer. This ensures that the "Starbucks experience" is unique to that community for that customer. Another recommendation would be Starbucks setup internet access at its international stores. This could require Starbucks to have computers at their locations for the customers to use. By doing this Starbucks will get the customers to stay in the stores longer and spend more money. This also helps to enhance that local community feel and insure that the Starbucks store becomes a gathering place for the local consumers.

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